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My studio is conceived so as to introduce students to fundamentally-sound principles of music in an environment that makes learning an enjoyable experience through encouragement, positive reinforcement, and music that motivates.

From early on, students are introduced to classical themes of the masters along with familiar popular pieces through the use of my own arrangements. Chords and theory are an integral part as well.

I don't hold recitals because I strive to instill an inner sense of satisfaction and self-confidence in my students without adding any external pressure or performance anxiety. I do, however, encourage parents to occasionally request a "concert" for family members to create an opportunity for positive feedback in an informal, familiar, and therefore comfortable performance setting.

I strongly recommend that first and second-year students, especially, continue lessons through the summer so as to not lose any hard-won ground. Additionally, a student may have MORE time to practice and can get a solid head start for the upcoming school year.

My goal is to convey the joy and rewards of piano and keyboard playing, even at the beginner level, thereby sowing the seeds for a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

13 West Street
Walpole, Massachusetts 02081
(508) 668-8052